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Experienced Defense For Firearm Violations And Weapon Enhancements

Many gun crimes are felonies even if the weapon is never fired or pointed at anyone. Merely possessing a firearm in connection with another crime can add years to a prison sentence. Weapons always raise the stakes, especially in federal court.

You can turn to the Law Office of David A. Wilson for 27 years of criminal defense experience. I have represented people across Florida arrested for gun crimes or facing gun-related enhancements to other criminal charges. I also handle other matters of Second Amendment law, such as defending firearms dealers who run afoul of ATF regulations.

Gun Crimes And Gun-Related Crimes

Weapon offenses generally fall into two categories:

•Stand-alone gun crimes: I defend against felony charges such as a felon in possession of a firearm, outlawed guns or illegal modifications, drive-by shooting or armed robbery.

• Weapon enhancements: Brandishing, carrying or possessing a firearm during a drug offense or crime of violence can add years in prison, consecutive to the underlying offense. A person with prior convictions for drug trafficking or assault can be sentenced as a “career armed criminal,” tacking on up to 5 years of additional prison time.

Very often, guns are discovered in connection with a traffic stop or drug investigation. I explore every defense, such as Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations, to get gun charges dropped or reduced. Ideally, if we can take weapon enhancements off the table, we can then focus on a defense strategy for the underlying charges. My goal is always to avoid prison if possible or to limit the punishment, and sometimes that means going to trial to make the government prove its case.

Standing Up For The Second Amendment

I am a strong believer in the Constitution, including the right to bear arms. I maintain a general practice in Second Amendment law, including:

  • Defending individuals accused of using their firearms for protection (castle doctrine, stand your ground and self-defense cases)
  • Representing licensed firearm dealers in regulatory actions. For example, selling guns to a convicted felon without conducting a background check can lead to civil fines, loss of gun licensing and/or criminal charges.
  • Other issues related to buying, selling or possessing firearms

Put My 27 Years Of Criminal Law To Use

I handle both state and federal gun charges in all courts of Florida. I know how to assert your rights and defenses to improve the outcome. Contact my law office in Ocala to arrange a consultation. Call 352-635-4809 or use the online form.