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Accused Of A Sex Offense In Florida? You Have Rights.

Being arrested or investigated for a sex crime is terrifying. You may feel isolated, helpless and hopeless about the future. A conviction means not only prison time but the lifelong burden of sex offender registration.

I am criminal defense lawyer David A. Wilson and I am here to protect your rights no matter what you may be accused of. Let my 27 years of experience be your shield as we confront the charges and make the best of your situation. I have represented people across Florida charged with sex crimes including federal prosecutions.

State And Federal Sex Crime Defense

I have experience with high-stakes felony sex offenses, with an emphasis on federal charges. Contact me if you or a family member is accused of:

  • Human trafficking/sex trafficking
  • Child pornography (possession, distribution or production)
  • Enticement of a minor to engage in sexual acts
  • Rape or sexual battery
  • Kidnapping, false imprisonment or use of date rape drugs

Prosecutors want you think that your case is “open-and-shut” but they have to prove specific elements of a crime, and law enforcement has to honor your constitutional rights. I examine the circumstances of your arrest including the legality of surveillance, sting operations and search warrants. Many sex crime charges arise from communications with undercover agents in chat rooms or referrals by search engines or ISPs (internet service providers) who flagged illegal conduct in emails or online chats and notified the FBI. I hold those federal or local agencies accountable for cutting corners or making assumptions not supported by the evidence.

Mitigating The Damage

In the case of child pornography, the actual charge can make a huge difference in the potential penalties. Knowing receipt or distribution of illegal images carries mandatory minimum prison time. I can sometimes negotiate to plead to the lesser offense of possessing child pornography to limit the punishment or even avoid prison. My approach is to also demand available counseling and treatment services in the sentencing phase to get my clients the help they need.

I am the only attorney I know who can keep a person off the sex offender registry, and even for me, it’s rare. If you are convicted of a felony sex crime, you will have to notify local authorities every time you move or change jobs, and you may be prohibited from certain types of employment or restricted from living in certain areas. So I prepare for the likelihood of fighting for you at trial if we cannot get the charges dismissed or prejudicial evidence suppressed.

Don’t Give Up Hope. Call Me Today.

I will do everything in my power to uphold your rights and spare your freedom. For any felony sex offense, you need experienced representation to have a chance of a favorable outcome. I handle cases statewide in Florida. Call my Ocala office at 352-635-4809 or email me to set up a confidential consultation.