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Focused Experience With Federal Criminal Charges

Have you have been contacted by an agent from the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) or the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)? You may be the target of a federal criminal investigation. If so, you could be facing life-altering consequences.

Before you say ANYTHING to investigators, the first step is to talk to an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. My criminal law practice, the Law Office of David A. Wilson, is devoted almost exclusively to federal cases. I know how to protect your rights and represent you in federal court proceedings. My focused experience gives you a fighting chance to beat the charges or achieve a favorable outcome. I am located in Ocala but I represent people throughout the state of Florida.

Charged With Federal Crimes?

Certain crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the United States government, due to the nature of the offense or because it crossed state lines or occurred on federal property. In my 27 years of practice, I have handled the full spectrum of federal criminal charges including:

I have handled high-profile federal crimes, including representing individuals charged in connection with the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

I Do My Best Work In Federal Court

Many defense lawyers will not take federal cases. The federal system has different rules and federal statutes are more complex. The penalties for a conviction can be far more severe, with limited opportunities for plea bargains. You need an attorney with the mindset – and the skillset – for defending you in court.

I thrive in federal court. The justice system is stacked against individuals, but I embrace the challenge of asserting my client’s rights and defenses. I know that I am all that stands between you and the government, and I take that responsibility seriously.

Many federal crimes carry mandatory minimum prison terms, so we can’t negotiate the outcome the way we might in state court. But we can bargain the underlying charges or fight enhancements or aggravating factors that would tack on years to a prison sentence. Sometimes pleading guilty to one offense to take a more serious charge off the table is a win. Sometimes a 15-year sentence instead of 30 years to life in prison is a win. And sometimes we strike gold and win an acquittal at trial or dismissal of some or all charges.

There’s No Justice. There’s Just Us.

You can’t count on the system to honor your rights and treat you fairly, but you can count on me to use all my powers to pursue the best possible outcome for your circumstances. If you have been arrested or indicted on federal charges, or if you suspect you are under investigation, exercise your right to remain silent and contact me immediately. There is nothing you can say to authorities that will help your case, but you can always dig a deeper hole by saying the wrong thing.

Once I have had a chance to examine the facts and hear your side of the story, we will figure out a strategy for responding to the allegations. Call me at 352-635-4809 or contact me online to arrange a confidential consultation.