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Experienced Defense For Drug Trafficking And Federal Drug Charges

The federal government does not typically go after small quantities or street-level dealers. Their focus is on major quantities and large-scale drug trafficking operations. But anyone swept up in a federal drug bust or trafficking investigation can find themselves facing serious felony charges.

I am David A. Wilson, a criminal defense lawyer with 27 years of experience. I have represented people statewide in Florida on both state and federal drug charges, including high-profile cases such as defending an individual in the largest seizure of cocaine in Marion County. If you have been arrested or questioned by federal agents, you can count on me to strongly assert your rights and fight against the harshest penalties.

Are You Charged With Serious Drug Offenses?

I have handled the full range of drug charges, with an emphasis on federal prosecutions such as:

  • Trafficking in cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and other street drugs
  • “Pill mill” operations selling OxyContin
  • Meth labs and distribution chains
  • Marijuana grow houses or importing major quantities
  • Conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances
  • Drug-related weapon enhancements
  • Related crimes such as money laundering
  • Related legal issues such as asset seizure and forfeiture

Making The Prosecution Prove Its Case

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) devotes substantial resources to prosecuting drug trafficking. Federal sentencing guidelines impose stiff mandatory minimums. Factors such as prior drug crimes or possession of firearms can add several years by branding you as a “career criminal” or “armed career criminal.” For these reasons, you need every edge you can get.

I am well-versed in federal drug statutes and federal court procedures. I will examine the circumstances of your arrest and explore all possible defenses, including Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations. If you are convicted, there is not much we can do to reduce the sentence. Our best hope is to influence the prosecutor’s decisions to get unfounded charges dropped or overcharged crimes reduced to lesser offenses. Otherwise, we may have to go to trial to fight for your freedom. My goal is always to get the best outcome under the circumstances.

Put My Federal Court Experience On Your Side

Whatever drug charges you are facing, I have a successful track record of making a difference. I practice in the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of the federal courts in Florida. Contact me right away before making any statements or trying to negotiate your own deal. Call my Ocala office at 352-635-4809 or contact me online to arrange a confidential consultation, including on evenings and weekends by appointment.