A Trial Lawyer With The Right Experience

An Experienced Defense Lawyer Can Make All The Difference

The Law Office of David A. Wilson should be your first call if you are under investigation or charged with a crime in Florida. I am passionate about defending the accused and my strategies are backed by 27 years of experience and favorable results in the Florida courts.

I handle both state charges and federal criminal charges. I understand that criminal allegations are scary and intimidating, whether this is your first brush with the law or you face escalated penalties because of past convictions. I aim to alleviate your anxiety and give you some hope for a favorable outcome.

Criminal Defense For All Types Of Charges

I can capably defend you if you have been arrested and charged, or advise you if have been approached by federal agents. I handle the full range of criminal matters including:

  • Drug charges, from simple possession to drug trafficking
  • Violent crimes such as assault, robbery, carjacking or homicide
  • White collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement or identity theft
  • Gun crimes and weapon enhancements
  • Theft and burglary offenses
  • Sex crimes such as rape, soliciting minors or child pornography
  • DWI (drunk driving) and serious traffic offenses
  • Serious juvenile offenses

My chief focus is federal criminal defense. Because the stakes are higher in federal court, you need a lawyer who will bring his “A-game” to hold the government accountable and fight for your freedom or mitigate penalties. I am well-versed in federal procedure and practice in all federal courts of Florida as well as state courts of Marion County and beyond.

Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent!

It’s never a good idea to answer questions or give a statement if you are questioned in connection with a criminal investigation. Politely insist on your right to consult an attorney.

You can call me from anywhere in Florida, and I can arrange evening or weekend consultations. Call me today at 352-635-4809 or reach me by email. I am confident that I can protect your rights and improve your outcome, no matter what the allegations are.