Federal Court is a whole different level
Experienced Defense For Serious Federal Crimes
I am attorney David A. Wilson. For the past 27 years, I have defended individuals facing damaging criminal charges in Florida. Federal court is my passion. I love the challenge of standing up to the United States government and fighting for my clients’ freedom.

I Take The Tough Cases.
And Nothing Is Tougher Than Federal Charges.

Federal agencies have vast resources and top-notch personnel. The punishments for federal crimes are harsher, with less leeway for plea deals. If you are facing federal criminal charges, you need a lawyer who knows how the government operates and how to work that system for the best result.

I offer 27 years of criminal defense experience, concentrating on complex federal prosecutions. I represent people who are facing hard prison time if convicted. While I can’t promise miracles or a specific outcome, my track record does include many acquittals and dismissals in major felony cases.

No matter what the allegations are or how dire your situation seems, I am confident I can make a real difference in what happens to you.

Federal Criminal Defense In Florida

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There’s No Justice … There’s Just Us

It would be unfair to say federal prosecutors don’t care about justice. But they define it differently, and the impact on your life does not factor into their goals and priorities. They measure success by putting people behind bars.

My job is to stand between you and the government. I care about your rights. I care about the details. I care about your future. We will figure out the best strategy for your circumstances, whether that is maneuvering for a favorable resolution or challenging the government’s case at trial to avoid a conviction. I am in this fight with you.

I Also Welcome Complex Civil Cases

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